Bandsbot2 Strategy


This strategy was designed to follow strong tendency on the EURUSD currency on a ONE HOUR unit time. Only one parameter has to be set up by the user: the “lot” parameter. This one corresponds to amount of EURUSD traded.

E.G: If you account holds 1000€, we strongly advise you to begin with a 0.05 lot to begin.

Morever, BandsBot2 allows you to set up your own TakeProfit, Stoploss, StartTime (the hour of day the bot will start trading), FinishTime, TrainlingStop, and GestionActive (that will close faster a losing trade).

You will find below the performance of the bot from September 2010 to April 2012. This simulation was realized with an account credited initially with 1000€. It ends up with 5 301€. The lot parameter was set up to 0.2. The profit factor is 1.46.

Compared to BandsBot1, BandsBot2 uses same buy and sell signals but its large stoploss allowed it to resist EURUSD volatility when markets become crazy.

Unlike many Expert Advisor sold on the Internet with “perfect” backtest, our experts advisor won’t trick you. Only one order is open at a time with takeprofit and stoploss. Please check out the complet report below.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This strategy has been tested and used for almost one year and a half. It won money during all this period. Nevertheless, while buying this strategy you understand that future performance is not guaranteed by the author and that losses can occur.

Finally, because financial markets are always changing, there is not a single bot sold on the internet which is able to perform well forever. Parameters have always to be changed so that the bot works with the new big players on the EURUSD. This is why, if you buy BandsBot along with its 5€/months or 50€ per year subscription fee, we will send you updates while this strategy can work on the EURUSD as well as brand-new features (like orders hidden to brokers, partial hedging, limit order instead of market order) that will continuously improve our strategy in order to sustain performance all year long.



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